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3 Box Sizes Filled With  Fubs

… or some Flugar!


How Does Shopping & Delivery Work?


ALL Boxes include delivery 🙂

There are 20 odd Standard Flairvours that can be added to a box at any time, with around 60 Exclusive Flairvours that are “dropped” at random times.

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(Almost) All of our Flugars can be bought in sealed bags of:

  • 250g (around 20 Flunches)
  • 500g (around 40 Flunches)
  • 1KG (around 80 Flunches).

This is for the home connosieur who has their own little machine to make some fresh Flair in the comfort of their own homes, or for those already in the Candy Floss business.

Our Boxes Of Fubs

Only R385 :: Free Delivery

Only R815 :: Free Delivery

Only R1249 :: Free Delivery

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