max 10g of sugar

Why Flair’s a better option than other… stuff!


Sugar Content

Historically, we’ve been led to believe that cotton candy is a lot of sugar.

What people have failed to take into account is that a ball of cotton candy is very little sugar, a lot of heat & a lot of stretch 😆

Our 1L FUBS have a maximum of 10grams of sugar; flavoured, heated & stretched to fill a container.

A quick Google on the amount of sugar in a chomp, or a marshmallow, or a scoop of ice-cream will show that our FUBs have less, or the same amount of, sugar than most small-portion treats out there.

Thing is, one of our FUBs will make anyone sweet enough to not have more; let your kids have FUB & you won’t be asked for more of anything else… but probably more Flair 😂

How’s it Vegan?

Even though there have been practices where bone char has been used for whitening sugar… in South Africa, it hasn’t been practiced for maaaaaany, many years.

The sugar that we used have been revised, researched & they’ve all been cleared.

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Rest assured that no animals have been harmed in the making of any Flair products!

We ensure our products are fresh, ethical & better than the standards of the standard-setters.

Do reach out to us should you have any questions.

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