Free delivery on all our boxes

You’ll probably design it better 😉


…so we need your help!

Look, we’re great with Flavoured Air; actually, we’re amazing with it.

Get a FUB & try for yourself!

We’ve tried getting the perfect label design to be able to communicate the greatness of FLAIR, but to no avail.

We have 75+ Flairvours

(Flair+ Flavour = Flairvour)

…and have no idea where to start.

Again, we do amazing FLAIR, but design, not as amazing 😉

We’ve realised that the FLAIR community is amazing + there are phenomenal creative people, so we thought to ourselves:
“selves, why don’t we just let anybody design our labels?”

The Process Is Simple

Create an artboard on any design program with the dimensions on the right (169mm x 80mm)…

Let us know on [email protected] which Flairvour(s) you’d like to create a label for…

We’ll send all the “paperwork” with payment fine print

Create the label & send it to us on …

We’ll approve it, or send notes & let you know…

…and the printing & magic gets distributed all over!

What needs to be on the label?

It needs to have the text: “This FUB contains a maximum of 10g sugar…. less than a chomp

It also needs to have the text “Please repurpose this FUB (flair tub) for something amazing; share it to our Instagram and perhaps get stuff” it would be great to have some image/logo with it.

…and then it needs space for our barcode, which doesn’t have to be a large space.

Be as creative, unique, funky & expressionistic as possible!

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