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Why Stock Flair?

It is unique; there might be some copycats, but Flair has no preservatives or additives, so it stays soft, tastes fresh & the flavour is amazing!

It looks great!
Our matte Fub & see-through sticker draws attention to the shelf.

Talking about shelf-life… our Fubs last up-to 3 months (we say 2 months for safety though) with the fresh taste still intact.

 Flair sells very easily because of its price point (anything between R18 & R25 retail) & its uniqueness makes people try it… and then come back!

We send people to your store; we market it to our mailing list & socials.

You become part of the Flair Community… which is growing daily!

We’re also a REALLY friendly bunch of people at Flair, so you’ll get amazing, friendly customer service.

…also, why NOT stock Flair, right 😉 

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