Bless your town with Flair!


Reasons for getting a Flair Franchise!

Be part of an amazing, friendly, team that only spreads joy (and physical sweetness) all over.

Low startup costs (R10k-R15k, depending on your area & needs).
If done well, you’ll be able to pay yourself back within 3-5 months… this includes all your equipment etc.

A very small yearly fee (max of 10% of your startup costs); this includes everything digital; website, mails, communication etc.
No extra costs… we’ve thought it through & made it a great business.

We have large “areas” to ensure there isn’t overlapping competing franchises.

Any retail stores that want to stock FUBs that falls in your “area” will be invoiced & sold under your franchise.

Flair has THE best clients in the world; nobody is ever angry when they have a taste of Flair, they’re blown away… this makes the “work environment” one of the friendliest available.
You also get to experience weddings, birthdays & many other celebrations… again, only joy.

We have a great supply chain which makes everything you want to do & get done, effortless.

We help with marketing, getting into markets etc… we’re your support team & greatest supporters.

 Once you’re part of the Flamily, we do everything possible to help you make it a success.

Complete the form & we’ll be in contact where you can ask billions of questions.


Enquire About Franchising

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The ideal Flamily member has…

… a great attitude.

… great people-skills; i.e a friendly nature.

… good communication skills.

… own transport (machines need to be taken places).

… know-how of emails & how to work a Google calendar.

 … a general “zest for life”; people need to enjoy everything “Flair” ☺️

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